My name is Christy Clinton Phillips

Often when a Female prisoner is seen by a doctor In prison she is told that nothing is wrong with her, or she is misdiagnosed due to carelessness on her behalf  off the doctor.

From the time she explain’s her symptoms till the time the doctor gets back to her, moths has gone by or it is a point when the illness is past effective treatment.

Often times when women prisoners go out to the local hospital for surgical procedures, they are stitched incorrectly or it is discovered that surgical instruments are left inside and stitched in, by the inside the inmate by the doctor performing the operation causing the inmate infections, difficult healing permanent damageand needless pain and suffering.

It is a know fact amongst the woman in California  prisons that they are dehumanized and mistreated while out on medical by local hospitals and prison hospital alike .

Elderly female prisoners are often verbally abused and neglected by nursing staff in the prison infirmary due to impatience and the common view of the pubic that prisoners don’t deserve treatment because they have been covicted of a felony.

These elderly female inmates languish in cold isolated rooms in the infirmary called (SNIF) in filthy diapers dieing from cancer and suffering from  alzheimer’s disease , some of these woman are paralyzed from the neck dowm and are unable to care for them selves and comepletely depend on the nursing staff to change bathe feed and excersize them …. Instead these helpless woman are met with abuse and denied visits from their loved ones repeatedly although some of them are on there death beds.

This is the land of constant pain and suffering where human beings are slowly tortured to death,

I ask each and every individual in the world to put your self  in the shoes of any one of these woman , seriously how would you feel ? what would you do if this was waht your life is day and night ? 

How would you fell if this was happening to some one you love or if you found out this is what happen to them in there final moments before they died ? I am not elderly or suffering from alzehimers desease or just had surgery that went wrong , but this is the reality of what my future holds . I was pretty much sentenced to spend the rest of my natural life in prison when i had just turned 15-teen-years old .After my conviction, the jury made a statement to the press they are not even sure if I committed the crime because there was no evidence and their was another possible perpetrator  who was never charged with the offense . the jury stated that it was video taped confession that the prosecution played to them numerous times . (as her case against me was based solelyon this confession )

The jury member started if it wasn’t  for that tape it would have been a “toss up ” between me and the other “girl ” who was never brought to justice .

My conviction was completely based on a coerced confession conducted by Detective loveless and his SGT in violation of my rights . I was pressured and manipulated by interrogating officers

into waiving my rights and confessing to a crime that I originally reported. This resulted in an unjust conviction and sentence in 2002 after my arrest in July,2000. I will not be silent about the injustice and prevalent corruption in our criminal justice system and its habit of wrongfully convicting children and adults alike

. I will SCREAM for this to change until my final breathe…can you? 

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